Natural materials in combination with solid wood

Enjoy your breakfast with the scent of freshly cut hay or other natural materials on an alpine pasture.Innovative LED and hay with flower surfaces bring naturalness and authenticity to your rooms.In the production of these unique decors, attention is paid to ecological and sustainable production. The surface is untreated, therefore the fragrance properties of the hay and the flowers are retained and yet it is 100% anti-allergenic.


The cornflower used to belong to the fields like the corn, and in summer the yellow of the corn mixed with the sky blue of the flowers


The hand-sifted, fragrant alpine hay of the Tyrolean mountain meadows is ensnared with small, funny dabs of color from the sky-blue cornflower petals


The queen of flowers. Ambassador of love. Symbol of beauty and purity. The rose petals are a real olfactory and colorful explosion


The delicately scented Tyrolean alpine hay is subtly decorated with rose petals. Like a mild summer day in the mountains of Central Europe


Let yourself be caressed by the scents of the mountain meadow. Arnica, cornflower, heather, rose and marguerite conjure up a very special, intense feeling


Lavender has been known for its calming properties for centuries. The intense natural scent helps against inner restlessness and difficulty falling asleep


The coffee must be as sweet as a girl’s kisses, as hot as the nights in your arms and as black as the mother’s curses when she finds out -Arabic proverb-


With the shells of the sunflower seeds, a new and haptic surface can attract our interiors . Better to keep birds at a distance :-)


A beautiful green thick carpet on the forest floor. Mosses like to be moist and somehow don’t look like what you imagine a plant to be. It is nowadays very popular in use of interior environments


The dark green colored moss that we process belongs to our upcycling raw materials like its light green sister. Depending on the interior design you benefit from a second choice


The unique taste of real vanilla is a harmonious composition of almost 200 natural individual substances. The upcycling raw material is used from 15 different orchids with the name Vanilla


The famous peppermint is particularly intense due to its high proportion of essential oils. It has a fresh, almost cool taste and is one of our upcycling raw materials

Your benefits

Look, feel and smell

…this are the unique combined characteristics our unique lighting solutions. Depending on application the smell of natural hay last between 3 – 10 years.

100% anti – allergenic

Even we talk about natural hay, after drying and special processing the test results for the possibility of allergic reactions is negative.

Improving acoustic

On demand we integrate acoustic panels into our lighting solutions. With a combination of natural material, wood and sheep wool we provide class A results.


Beside the illumination, we offer to our partners as well wallpapers and floor elements, which can be used in addition to create the unforgettable experience.

Existing designs

Wood Square LED 60 – 600 – LFS

»  Power: 27 W

»  Beam angle: 50°, 80°

»  Lumen output: 3480 lm

»  Color temperature: 3000 K, 4000 K, Tunable White

»  Color rendering: CRI > 90

»  Lifetime: L80B10 60.000 hours

»  Control : FIX, DALI, BLUETOOTH®

»  Efficacy up to 127 lm / W

Wood Linear LED 60 Twin Round – LFS

»  Power: 27 W

»  Beam angle: 50°, 80°

»  Lumen output: 3480 lm

»  Color temperature: 3000 K, 4000 K, Tunable White

»  Color rendering: CRI > 90

»  Lifetime: L80B10 60.000 hours

»  Control : FIX, DALI, BLUETOOTH®

»  Efficacy: 127 lm / W

Wood Ring LED 70 -1200 – LFS

»  Power: 72 W

»  Beam angle: 60°

»  Color temperature: 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K

»  Color rendering: CRI > 90, CRI 95 (R9 90)

»  Luminous flux: 7800 lm

»  Lifetime: L80B10 60.000 hours

» Control: FIX, DALI, Bluetooth®

Donut LED 900 – LFS

»  Power: 76 W

»  Beam angle: lambertian

»  Color temperature: 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K

»  Color rendering: CRI > 90

»  Luminous flux: 9650 lm installed

»  Lifetime: L80B10 60.000 hours

» Control: FIX, DALI, Bluetooth®