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Building with the forest2023-02-20T13:12:26+01:00

Why we build with the forest?

When it comes to the CO2 footprint and sustainability, wood is the most genius building material. It grows contineously in our forests, binds CO2 from our atmosphere and gives oxygen back. Only in Europe, there is 5000 km2 more wood growing than we consume. By managed forests old tries are removed and replaced by young trees which again bind the CO2, in a much more efficient way.

Wood in our living spaces brings not just the nature inside to our building, it improves our health and let us feel comfortable. Studies from Prof. Dr. Maximilian Moser from the university Graz have proven, that wood as surrounding material strengthens the ability to regenerate and the parasympathetic component of cardiovascular regulation, thereby preventing cardiovascular and stress-related diseases.

For this reasons we decided to build with the forest to provide partners and customers much more than just the perfect light – and we really love it!

Videos in English

Source: Danish Wood Initiative

Source: ProHolz Austria

Videos in German

Source: CO2 Bank Switzerland

Source: ProHolz Austria

I want to become a partner, which qualifications are needed?2022-11-02T11:22:25+01:00

95% of our business in done with projects and partners which focus on direct projects. We do not concentrate on standard trade channels or web shops. Ideally you are active in the direct project business, with a good connection to architects, light planners and project owners. We provide you the needed support in design, visualisations, lighting calculations, installations and programming.

What about photometric files & 3D models?2022-11-02T10:16:17+01:00

For all luminaires are photometric files and 3D models available. On demand we provide augemented reality files. Just get in touch with us.

Are FSC certificates available?2023-03-03T21:25:29+01:00

We buy only wood with quality class A from the Austrian company JAF Holz. If a FSC certificate is required, the information need to be provided with the order.

What about form stability of wood luminaires?2022-11-02T10:23:41+01:00

We process wood which is dry on a humidity level below 8%. The wood is stored in-house and processed with the machines at the same room temperature. After the pores are closed with natural paint, wax or oil. This combination provides a high form stability over lifetime.

Which types of wood are available?2022-11-02T09:42:17+01:00

Basically we offer OAK, ASH, CHERRY and AMERICAN WALNUT. For luminaires which are made with help of CNC technology we are able to process all hard woods.

Can the luminaires be used in public buildings?2022-11-02T11:03:47+01:00

With a special coating the luminaires are flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1. This is the requirement for the use in public buildings.

For which type of applications are the products made for?2022-11-02T11:01:46+01:00

We focus on commercial applications like healthcare, education, hotel & gastro, offices, shopping malls, airports and in general high ceiling applications. We use the highest standards of LED technology including control systems. Thats why the residential area is not our key focus.

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