Innovative lighting solutions out of solid wood and other natural materials

as individual as your personal fingerprints

Wood Linear LED Square - Wood LED Wood
Wood Linear LED 70 - Wood LED Wood

Look – Feel – Smell

Use the benefits of our nature

Inhale the aroma of our natural materials every day, such as the smell of freshly ground coffee, alp hay, corn flowers, roses and many more. The quality and unmistakable origin of our selected materials also determine the customer experience. Without the addition of (artificial) fragrance or aroma substances, our natural materials give off their natural fragrance depending on the raw material used, thus ensuring a good indoor climate between 3 – 10 years.

hay - look, feel and smell
Natural materials with wood and LED
Natural material with wood and LED
Natural material with wood and LED

Get your own design in 4 simple steps

or choose from our existing design collection

Get more attention through differentiation and benefit from the unfair market advantage

Offer your clients a unique lighting experience even if the light is switched off. Lights made of natural materials, perfectly balanced with the environment in terms of design and function, inspire each day on new. In this way you increase your visibility by making your project stand out from the crowd and attracting enthusiastic customers.

Use the advantage of nature and your own creativity in combination with innovative LED technology

Inspire with unique natural materials and unbelievable design freedom, which will be associated with you and your company long after installation. Thus your projects will automatically generate new requests.

Save valuable time and costs with professional support in planning and implementation

Benefit from our many years of project experience in lighting technology, intelligent control systems and extensive knowledge of LED development. Get convincing visualizations and 3D models for easy integration into your own projects.

Biologic activation of light

with Bluetooth® Smart control systems

International studies have shown that the simulation of daylight in indoor environments has a noticeably positive influence* on people’s internal clock.

This effect is achieved by a constant change of color temperature in synchronization with the sunlight, the light amount and angle how the light fall into our eyes. It increases our well-being, ability to concentrate and activity. Also observed was a better sleep behavior.

With bluetooth® technology the integration of human centric lighting is very intuitive, fast and cost effective. There are no significant building reconstruction necessary.

*Study: The effect of high correlated colour temperature office lighting on employee wellbeing and work performance© 2007 Mills et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. Peter R Mills, Susannah C Tomkins und Luc JM Schlangen

More activity
Stable health
Higher vitality
Better concentration
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