To see one´s own image is a human desire

The history of mirror making has been around for millennia. The incentive of humanity for this is the desire to see one‘s own image. The most original form of the mirror image is its own reflection on a dark, smooth water surface. But even in the Neolithic era, people themselves acted as mirror manufacturers, as finds of polished obsidian plates in Çatalhöyük, today‘s Turkey, proof.

In 1516, the Dal‘Gallo brothers first developed flat glass mirrors in Venice. For this, the pioneers of modern mirror production put a thin tin foil on the flat glass.

The interesting combination of LED technology with mirrors result to valuable solutions for the daily life.

Choose your design

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Exact fit to your space

The LED mirror size often needs to fit to your existing interior design. It should be harmonized in terms of shape, appearance and dimensions.

Ask us for your customizations!

No more removing mist

Removing of mist in high humidity areas is uncomfortable and makes the mirror dirty as well.

Our mirrors are equipped with heat pads, so that no mist will appear at all.

Choose our illumination level

The brightness of the mirror depends on the room dimensions and personal perception.

Simple switch on the mirror allows you to adjust the brightness according to your expectations.

Wave your hands to control

Sometimes it is more comfortable to switch on the mirror directly on mirror.

Optional the mirror can be switched off and on via a integrated waving sensor.

Visual comfort with wall brightening

Beside the visual comfort of the direct illumination, the mirror also brightens up the environment around

The result is a harmonious distribution of brightness without contrast.


Mirror 1280

LED Mirror

»  Power: 18 W – 26 W, 75 W – 82 W (anti – mist)

»  Beam angle: lambertian

»  Color temperature: 3000 K, 4000 K, 6000 K

»  Color rendering: CRI > 80

»  Lifetime: L80B10 50.000 hours

»  Control : ON / OFF, DALI, WAVING sensor

1200 x 800 mm